Congrats to November 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Travel Nurses on The Price is Right

Traveler of the Month Jon G. and friends having a ball on the set of everyone’s favorite game show, wearing T-shirts that read: “I’ll be your nurse if … The Price is Right.”

Many congratulations to our November Traveler of the Month, Jon G., and also our Rising Star winner, Kristi R.

Traveler of the Month Jon is an RN specializing in ICU/ER who is currently on assignment in San Francisco, California. Jon’s been in nursing for two and a half years, and started his career as a Travel Nurse in April 2014.

“The best thing about travel nursing to me, is the friendships and connections made along the way with the staff and patients,” says Jon. “Being able to travel, see new cities, and meet new people is an added bonus I cherish.”

But, while he makes new friends, Jon also keeps the old. He travels with a friend/coworker whom he’s worked with for as long as they’ve both been nurses.

Travel Nurse Jon G

Jon takes a ride through the gorgeous terrain near his location.

He can’t choose a favorite location because, he says, “Each location has made an impact on my life and I’m appreciative of the opportunity.”

“My advice to new travel nurses would be to accept each assignment as an opportunity to grow as a person and a nurse, to be confident in your passion to provide the best patient care no matter what, and enjoy each adventure,” he says.

Excellent advice, Jon!

Rising Star winner Kristi R. is an RN specializing in ER/Trauma and psychiatric nursing. She’s been a nurse since July 2012 and is currently working in a great facility in southern Minnesota — her very first travel job!

“I was planning on traveling for a while — I love it!” says Kristi.

Travel Nurse Kristi R

Kristi and her “incredible” husband Matthew.

But, when we got in touch with Kristi she and her “incredible” husband Matthew had just gotten the fabulous news that they’re expecting!

“So we will be taking some time off after this assignment,” says Kristi, who’d already extended her contract from two to five months. “My wonderful husband and my dog Bear Bear do come visit, but mostly I go home to Nebraska on the weekends to visit them.”

To Kristi, the best things about Travel Nursing are meeting amazing new friends, plus learning so much about nursing and herself.

“It’s amazing how much you can grow in a short time,” she says.

She also calls travel nursing a dream job with a dream schedule.

“You can take as much time off as you want and go wherever you want,” says Kristi.

Kristi advises newbies to find an affordable place to live so they can “maximize their amazing salary.”

“Hotels can get really expensive, so doing some sleuthing before you head out is a must,” she says.

Kristi also recommends that if you have a family you stay closer to home.

Travel Nurse Kristi R

Awww. Congrats Kristi and Matthew!

“You can have a family and drive only a few hours, and the financial gains are amazing,” she says. “You can travel with any situation and totally rock it!”

Finally, Kristi says, always keep a good, open communication with your recruiter, who should always be there to listen and take the best care of you. She says her “rockstar” recruiter Travis is her “BFF.”

“He is amazing and truly cares,” says Kristi.

Thanks so much Jon and Kristi, for being such amazing Travel Nurses and for providing excellent patient care nationwide. We truly appreciate everything you do!

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