Congrats to November 2016’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Travel Nurse Brooke S

Congrats to Traveler of the Month for November 2016, Brooke S.! Here’s Brooke and her boyfriend Ian exploring Times Square in NYC.

Many thanks and congrats to the November 2016 Traveler of the Month, Brooke S., and also our Rising Star winner, Allyson M.!

Traveler of the Month Brooke is an RN working in ER. She works with Career Consultant Rob B. and is currently transitioning from an assignment in New York to one in Denver, Colorado. Brooke has been in nursing for three and a half years and Travel Nursing since September 2015.

Brooke Travel Nurse

Brooke’s brother Matt came to visit her on assignment and they got to check out Rockefeller Center together!

Brooke is a practiced at the art of traveling — both for work and pleasure. She spent the beginning of 2016 backpacking around Southeast Asia!

“My favorite assignment was in White Plains, New York,” says Brooke. “The facility was much smaller and more community oriented than the huge, high volume, inner-city hospitals I have previously worked in. It was definitely a nice change of pace. During my assignment I lived in Brooklyn and had the opportunity to explore NYC on my days off!”

Brooke says she’s glad to be fortunate enough to be able to travel with her boyfriend Ian

“He works remotely which affords us the opportunity to move around the country together,” says Brooke. “My beta fish also used to travel around with us. Unfortunately, he left us for the giant fishbowl in the sky recently. RIP Ferdinand.”

For Brooke, there are several factors that keep her a happy Traveler.

“Beyond the obvious benefits of being able to travel the U.S., Travel Nursing is great for so many reasons,” she says. “Personally, Travel Nursing has helped push me to continuously work to learn and improve my nursing skills. It has taught me to be flexible and adaptable in unfamiliar situations. I believe Travel Nursing has ultimately led me to be a better, well-rounded, more competent ER nurse.”

Brooke S 3 300x200 - Congrats to November 2016’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Brooke enjoys a gorgeous sky on a weekend trip to Acadia National Park last fall!

Brooke shared a couple awesome tips for new and aspiring Travelers:

  1. When you are new to a unit, don’t consistently compare how things work at the new hospital to previous hospitals you have worked in. Each facility is unique and has its own flow. It will be a lot harder to adapt and make friends with your new coworkers if you are constantly comparing.
  2. It’s okay to ask questions! Don’t come in and pretend like you know everything. Be humble, ask questions, and admit when you are not sure of things. You are not expected to know everything from 1-2 days of orientation. It is your responsibility to identify your weakness and seek out appropriate education/training.

Rising Star Allyson is a NICU RN Cardiac and has worked with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Kelly R. Her most recent Travel Nurse job was in Delaware.

“Allie seemed to adapt seamlessly with Travel Nursing and the hospital absolutely loved her for it,” says Kelly. “She is very kind, courteous and has a great personality. She was a joy to work with!”

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions November 2016 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Brooke and Allyson, we are so thankful for your amazing skills, dedication, and commitment to providing excellent patient care!

Want to know if you could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to learn more and find out if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card as recognition for a job well done!

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