Congrats to October 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Travel Nurse celebrates on beach

Congrats to October 2014’s Traveler of the Month, James C., and Rising Star, Nina O!

Congratulations to our October Traveler of the Month, James C., and also our Rising Star winner, Nina O.

Traveler of the Month, James, whose specialty is ICU, has been a nurse for more than three years and a Travel Nurse for just under one year.

He is currently on assignment in the beautiful northern Bay Area of California, which is his favorite location so far in his travels.

“I’ll be renewing my contract because I love the nurses that I work with there,” he says. “Feeling like I’m part of a team really matters to me.”

Aside from loving his location and colleagues, James says he grown a lot as a nurse and as an individual in his time as a Traveler.

Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month Travel Nurse James C.

Traveler of the Month, James C., out having fun on assignment.

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is that it’s really taught me how to adapt to nearly any situation,” says James. “Even though it’s been a short time, I feel like I’ve grown so much while learning how different hospitals and regions operate.”

James offers three great tips for succeeding in a career in Travel Nursing: “Always communicate with your recruiter, travel light, and make sure you have time for fun and exploration wherever you are.”

Rising Star, Nina, has been working as a Certified Surgical Tech for what she calls “eight wonderful years,” and is about 6 months into her career as a Traveler. She travels with her cat Roxy, who makes an excellent travel companion.

“The changing people, places, and experiences are what I love about traveling,” says Nina.

Her favorite location thus far has been in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The amazing people I worked with were why I liked it there so much,” she says.

Nina’s tips for new or prospective Travelers?

“Go in with a positive attitude every day,” she says, adding, “It is only three months, so spend it wisely.”

Thanks so much James and Nina, for being such excellent travelling healthcare professionals and for providing awesome patient care across the nation. We truly appreciate everything you do!

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