Congrats to September 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Traveler of the Month Kristi F. explores Nebraska's Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the nation's top zoos.

Traveler of the Month Kristi F. explores Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the nation’s top zoos.

Many thanks and congrats to the September 2015 Traveler of the Month, Kristi F., and also our Rising Star winner, Danielle D.!

Traveler of the Month Kristi has been in nursing for nearly five years, Travel Nursing for about a year and a half, and is currently on assignment in South Dakota. Shari D. is her Career Consultant.

“My background before traveling was as a float nurse. So, since I’ve been traveling I’ve done a variety of different assignments including med/surg, telemetry, stepdown, float pool, and oncology/transplant,” says Kristi. “I love that I don’t have a single specialty, so I can do and learn so much about so many things.”

Kristi’s favorite assignment so far was in Omaha, Nebraska.

“There is so much to do and see, and I got to watch College World Series,” she says. “It was just a great area and I loved the hospital! The staff was so incredibly nice, and I loved working on the tele/step down floor. It was the first time I had ever worked with post op open hearts, and it was incredible to see and learn all of that.”

Kristi's Adventures in Travel Nursing continue!

Kristi’s Adventures in Travel Nursing continue!

In addition to loving her work, Kristi says she loves all of the possible experiences and new friends she gets as a Traveler.

“The best thing about traveling is that there’s always something different around the corner, and the possibilities are endless,” she says. “The amazing people that I’ve met along the way, and the things that I’ve learned have been great too!”

Gone Fishin': Kristi and crew having a blast.

Gone Fishin’: Kristi and crew having a blast.

Kristi offers several great tips for new Travelers:
1. “Be as open, nice, and outgoing as possible at the very start of the assignment, regardless of how terrified you are. First impressions are pretty important, and if the staff likes you it can help prevent any bad assignments.”
2. “Talk, talk, talk to your recruiter. Be open, and let them know what you do or don’t want. Your recruiter can’t help you get the assignments you want and will thrive in if you don’t tell them what you want.”
3. “That being said, keep an open mind about assignments and be ready to show how skilled you are as a nurse. Also, realize that accepting constructive criticism makes you a better nurse. Realize that each hospital can do things differently; and when someone corrects your way to do things, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to do it, you just don’t know how to do it here. Listen, learn, and adapt. If you do that, great things will be ahead of you!”

Rising Star Danielle D., has her BSN, specializes in ER and is currently on her second assignment in Nashville, Tennessee. Bobby J. is her Career Consultant.

“I loved my first travel assignment in Indiana,” says Danielle. “I absolutely loved the staff and doctors along with the whole facility there!”

Danielle travels with what she calls her “gypsy family.”

“My best friend Tia, her husband Trevor, Derek and Michelle who are also both friends are currently on assignment with me in Nashville,” she says.

For Danielle, Travel Nursing is great for personal and professional reasons.

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is all the knowledge you gain by working at different facilities and locations.  Also, the travel and adventure part of seeing cool things around the country is a highlight,” she says.

Any advice for new or aspiring Travel Nurses?

“For new Travelers, I would say to go for it,” says Danielle. “Find an awesome recruiter, a location you’d like to visit, and dive head first. You won’t regret it!”

Many thanks, kudos, and congrats again to the September 2015 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star — and thank you so much, Kristi and Danielle, for all of your hard work and dedication to delivering the best patient care!

Who will be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Any Travelers whose hospital gives them a perfect evaluation are in the running for these two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to discover how you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card and, of course, bragging rights!

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