Adventures in Travel Nursing: A Snowy Boston Winter and the Aggiepalooza That Followed

Traveler Mary Agnes "Aggie" P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

There are tons of reasons to take a Travel Nursing assignment in the beautiful Boston area. The amazing history of the Freedom Trail. The deliciousness of the North End’s many Little Italy eateries. The quaint European streets of Beacon Hill. The roar of the crowd at iconic Fenway Park. And, it turns out, the very wonderful nurses that Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. met while on assignment there.

It’s hard to imagine now, from the poolside vantage point of July’s heat, but Boston’s 2014/2015 winter was a record-breaking doozy with more than 110 inches of snowfall, according to Weather.com. For perspective’s sake, Boston’s average seasonal snowfall is a mere 43 inches, and the city saw much more than that in February 2015 alone.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

You probably saw the unbelievable mounds of snow on the national news, but Mary — who was born and raised in Miami Beach, by the way — was on a Travel Nurse assignment in Boston and got a front-row seat to the whole frosty debacle. Luckily, she had a wonderful team of nurses at her hospital who helped keep her warm throughout winter with their welcoming attitudes and even created an event in her honor when spring finally came.

That event would be known as Aggiepalooza.

“One night in the middle of the worst winter in the history of Massachusetts, I asked the evening shift nurses ‘When can I ride on the swan boats in Boston?’” recalls Mary. “They all laughed and stated that the Charles River had to thaw first! Justine said sometime in May.”

Justine, the charge nurse on the evening shift, who Mary calls “a lovely person,” made it her mission to see that Mary would get her swan boat ride — and then some.

"Can you believe it??" An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary's big day!

“Can you believe it??” An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary’s big day!

“She brainstormed, made reservations, and [created] a sign-up sheet for this all-day event,” says Mary. “She made t-shirts, a bag of party favors, and so on. She is so amazing and a great party planner!”

Originally dubbed “Aggathon” and later renamed Aggiepalooza, the big day was May 6, 2015. A whole group of nurses from the hospital donned their Aggiepalooza t-shirts for an agenda that included the Swan Boats, Duck Tour, lunch, strolling throughout the city, dinner, and a Red Sox game.

Mary, whose Medical Solutions Career Consultant is Jackie S., says that Aggiepalooza made her feel very fortunate.

“Very nice nurses. They spoiled me,” says Mary. “It was a non-stop, awesome day!”

I absolutely love this story, because it shows how Travelers can be so accepted — and in this case, even honored — by the perm staff at their hospitals. And Mary, I’ve got a feeling that you must be a pretty special nurse and person to have inspired Aggiepalooza!

If you, like Mary once was, are itching to ride the Swan Boats and discover all the other sights that make Boston a fantastic location, check out our Massachusetts job opportunities here. You’re bound to have a great time exploring the city and surrounding areas, but of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll inspire your own holiday!

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