Meet Eichie the Traveling Horse

Eichie doin' what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Eichie doin’ what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Being a pet friendly company is hugely important to us here at Medical Solutions. We understand that for our Travelers to be able to bring their pets along on assignment is super important to their overall job and life satisfaction. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure that our Travelers don’t have to fuss or worry over taking their furry, fuzzy, or scaled loved ones with them.

We see a variety of pets, but the majority is comprised of cats and dogs. Traveler Amanda T. has a verrrry unique pet named Eichie. He weighs 1200 pounds and his favorite treat is apples. Eichie is a quarter horse, and what’s more, Amanda barrel races with him! Amanda’s Career Consultant, Sarah K., told us about Eichie in November and we just had to ask Amanda for the full scoop.

“Eichie is a 16-year-old quarter horse, who I have owned since he was five,” said Amanda. “The first few years together were rough; he is off of the race track so we spent countless hours and days trying to get him to become a barrel horse. I took him to college with me and that really made us grow together as a team. I haven’t gone to many races here in California but do ride at least four nights a week.”

When we spoke with her, Amanda and Eichie were anticipating their first competition the following weekend. “I feel he is in perfect shape and ready to win some money,” she said.

Amanda is a surgical tech who’s been in the OR for five years.

“I’m only on my second assignment so this traveling is new to both Eichie and I,” said Amanda. “We are currently in Northern California and both have adjusted very well. I hauled my horse trailer down here and keep him at a nice boarding facility that I found on the internet.”

Although she’s new to it, Amanda is enjoying life as a Traveler.

“My favorite thing about traveling is meeting new people both in the hospital setting and at the barn,” she said. “I’m loving this new experience and look forward to continuing it with my best friend by my side.”

We’re very proud to have Amanda — and Eichie — as Medical Solutions Travelers. Do you have a unique pet or pet story to share? Send your story to sarah.wengert@medicalsolutions.com.


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