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Medical Solutions’ RN to BSN Academy is Here to Help You Grow

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions’ RN to BSN Academy, a partnership with Nebraska Methodist College.

Medical Solutions’ RN to BSN Academy Helps You Grow

It’s more than just a good rhyme, it’s an important truth: The more you know, the more you grow. And that is increasingly true these days within the nursing field, where earning your BSN is becoming more of a priority in order to deliver superior patient care in a complex healthcare system. Earning your BSN also helps you grow and can provide you with more robust employment opportunities throughout your career.

That’s why Medical Solutions offers the RN to BSN Academy as one of our many awesome benefits to Travelers!

Through the RN to BSN Academy, a partnership with Nebraska Methodist College, you can earn your BSN online with flexibility and financial assistance while you continue to work and travel with Medical Solutions.

Here are some of the benefits and perks Travelers can expect from the new RN to BSN Academy:

  • Flexible start dates
  • 100% online and crafted especially for working RNs — do your work from anywhere with an internet connection, any time of day or night
  • Financial assistance package, including books and tuition
  • No need to take out more student loans
  • One-on-one relationship with an academic advisor dedicated to your success
  • Strengthen your skill set and resumé while you continue to work and travel
  • Earn your BSN in 12-24 months, depending upon any credits you transfer into this transfer credit friendly program
  • Graduate from highly respected, CCNE accredited Nebraska Methodist College
  • Be prepared for better compensation and greater access to leadership roles such as educator and practitioner

In addition to its CCNE accreditation, Nebraska Methodist College is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and was ranked #5 on’s list of “Best Online RN to BSN Programs of 2015”!

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions’ RN to BSN Academy and be sure to contact your Career Consultant with any questions or to get started.


Medical Solutions YOUniversity Site for Nursing Students

Medical Solutions YOUniversity Site for Nursing Students

Medical Solutions YOUniversity site is a place for nursing students to learn and have fun.

As nurses know and students discover, nursing school is a serious conquest. It takes a lot of hard work, talent, and true grit to make it to other side — which is good preparation, since it also takes hard work, talent, and true grit to work as nurse!

For many nursing students, a career in Travel Nursing is the ultimate prize their eyes are on, and that’s why we created Medical Solutions YOUniversity site for nursing students. is chock full of information, resources, opportunities, and fun for nursing students who are interested in or even just curious about the option of working as a Travel Nurse after they earn their RN.

Here are some of the features and content available at the student site:

  • Student Blog — Funny videos, important resources, news, tips, and more
  • Information on what Travel Nursing is and tips on how to become a Travel Nurse
  • FAQs on the Travel Nursing industry
  • Details on what sets Medical Solutions apart in the industry
  • Information on the annual Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship contest
  • Details on Medical Solutions’ commitment to social responsibilities and making the world we live in a better place!

Our hope for the YOUniversity site is that it will help educate and assist nursing students in exploring the opportunity of Travel Nursing, equipping them to prepare early for a successful career in the field. Annnd, we also want have some fun!

Click here to visit the Medical Solutions YOUniversity site for nursing students. Take a look around and please feel free to send any tips or topics you’d like to see covered to

Oh, and nursing students, if you’re reading this before Sunday, August 23, 2015, head over to our Facebook page and tell us what’s helping you survive nursing school for the chance to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards!


Congrats to June 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to June 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

June Traveler of the Month, Samantha S., smiling big!

Congratulations and shout-outs to the June 2015 Traveler of the Month, Samantha S., and also to our Rising Star winner, Kristina K.

Traveler of the Month Samantha has three years of experience in nursing and has been a Travel Nurse for eight months now. Her specialty is Mother/Baby/Newborn Nursery. Samantha’s Career Consultant at Medical Solutions is Adam G.

A fun fact about Samantha is that she grew up in a place that many folks — including Travel Nurses — aspire to visit: Yellowstone National Park, where her father works to this day.

So, with the benefit of growing up in such a great spot, which location has been a favorite for Samantha?

Boston is my favorite location because of the history and proximity to other states, as well as the active community,” she says.

Among the many perks of Travel Nursing, Samantha especially appreciates the freedom from hospital politics.

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is that I am able to just go to work and do my job without being involved in the politics of the facility,” says Samantha.

What advice would Samantha share with new or aspiring Travelers?

“I would just say to do your best and take every opportunity to learn as much as you can — and never forget why you got into nursing,” she advises.

Rising Star Kristina is an ER RN on assignment with Medical Solutions near the coast in South Carolina. Her Career Consultant is Shane M. who says Kristina is a truly fantastic Travel Nurse with a commitment to providing great patient care.

“She has a great attitude and wants to help the hospital in any way she can,” says Shane.

Congrats again to June 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star. Thank you, Samantha and Kristina, for all of your hard work and your commitment to excellent patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? All Travelers who receive a perfect evaluation from their hospital are in the running for these two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card.


Medical Solutions at Travelers Conference 2015!

Q: What do Britney Spears, Jerry Seinfeld, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have in common? 

A: They will all be in Las Vegas this September. And you should be too! 

If you’ve never been to the Traveler’s Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, you do not want to let this year’s event pass you by. And if you’re a previous attendee you know why! The 8th annual Travelers Conference — September 13-15 — is a great chance for you to let learning be fun, with tons of speakers, booths, and even sessions qualifying for CEU credits. The Travelers Conference also offers plenty of time for socializing and networking, to boot.

If you need even more icing on that already downright delicious cake, here you go: Medical Solutions will be at Travelers Conference 2015! Plus, the spirited crew at the Medical Solutions booth will have a very, very special surprise for those who stop by. As much as I’d like to I can’t spill any details now, but just trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the surprise, so be sure to visit the Medical Solutions booth.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to do so now.

Read on for five facts about the Travelers Conference, and we’ll see you in Vegas, baby!

Medical Solutions at Travelers Conference 2015!


Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015. Great job Shannon, Marc, and Jenna!

Congratulations to Medical Solutions’ Nurse of Tomorrow Scholarship winners for 2015!

The three amazing aspiring RNs at the head of the class this year were:

Shannon H., Junior
Marc G., Sophomore
Jenna M., Senior

Shannon, Marc, and Jenna stood out amongst hundreds of scholarship applicants who answered the essay question: What does being a patient advocate mean to you?

Here are a few quick snippets from each of their contest-winning entries:

“ … [Patient advocacy] involves recognizing and responding ethically and compassionately to those needs and concerns that are voiced, as well as those that go left unsaid. A nurse not only treats physical pains, but also helps to heal emotional wounds. He or she must strive to develop true empathy, to share in the joys and sorrows of each and every person. In doing so, patients can find hope and meaning in their suffering. An advocate does not merely speak on behalf of the patient, but forms a connection with them. This includes relaying information, so that those being cared for have a complete understanding of their physical condition and what is involved in their treatment, as well as being a friendly and familiar presence, where patients and families will feel safe sharing their concerns. A patient advocate’s role is to treat the patient as an individual with unique needs, and essentially, putting a human face on healthcare.”

—    Shannon

“ … [Patient advocacy] means you fight. You fight for the health of those that are under your care. As a nurse, having a patient does not simply entail administering medication, applying wound dressings, or completing documentation. Being a nurse demands remaining ever aware of their patients’ well-being, and equally aware of the forces that are acting for and against each patient’s welfare. The nurse must promote the forces improving their patient’s overall health and must battle the forces that are impeding upon their patient’s well-being. … It takes knowledge and foresight to see when a situation can be potentially detrimental to your patient. It requires a measure of courage and strength to push for necessary changes. It often involves an enduring persistence against doctors, other nurses, family members, and, sometimes, the patients themselves.”

—    Marc

“ … I believe that successful patient advocacy begins with being knowledgeable about all aspects of the patient, including care, values, and beliefs. This makes nurses the perfect liaison between the patient and all members of the medical team, associated departments, and their families. … Furthermore, cultural and religious beliefs can change the course of care and it is of utmost importance to respect and uphold for the patient. … Care should always be provided unconditionally, and each patient’s rights and equality should be maintained with equal compassion and professionalism from the nurse. … Advocacy is unique to each patient, however it is a vital part of care and nurses have a unique ability to uphold the dignity and respect of all patients to provide a positive experience that many patients will hold in their hearts.”

—    Jenna

Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship contest is part of our annual Nurses Week celebration and is designed to help support the training of future nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators.

Congrats again to Shannon, Marc, and Jenna, our Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015! Each winner was awarded $2,000 to put towards his or her educational expenses. That’s an increase from previous years’ awards, thanks to our partner Nebraska Methodist College.

Click here to learn more about Nurses of Tomorrow, and if you’re eligible be sure to return next year to enter the 2016 competition.

In the meantime, nursing students, check out where we offer all kinds of helpful info and a blog for nursing students and those who want to learn more about Travel Nursing.


Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school?

Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school?

Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school? Click here to enter!

From kids to collegians to nursing students, it’s that time of year that has us trading swimsuits for backpacks and floaties for notebooks.

Yep, it’s back to school time, and that has us wondering:

What is the #1 person, place, thing, or idea that helped (or is currently helping) you survive the crazy demands of nursing school?

Was it a special study buddy?

A lucky pair of socks?

A relaxing getaway?

Glorious caffeine?

Chime in as many times as you want on this Facebook thread, now through Sunday, August 23rd at midnight CST.

On Monday, August 24th, we’ll randomly select three winners to each receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Not on Facebook? No problem, just email your answer(s) to to enter.

Alright, let’s hear what got you through, nursing school survivors!


Learn More About Travel Nursing — In a Jimute

Sure, a minute can fly by, but on the other hand a lot can happen within the confines of 60 seconds. You could share a really great hug with an old friend or meet a brand new one. You could take and post a picture of your latest and greatest adventure. You could even become an expert on Travel Nursing!

Whether you’re just curious or just getting started, there is so much to learn about Travel Nursing. So, you could spend weeks researching and reading, or, you could simply ask this guy …

Learn More About Travel Nursing — In a Jimute!

Jim Martin is a Travel Nursing expert, with years of experience helping nurses navigate the industry and enjoy happy, successful careers as traveling healthcare professionals. He is a pet lover, funnyman, and all-around great guy — and he’s always available to help you learn more about Travel Nursing — in a Jimute!

What’s a “Jimute”? It’s just shorthand for Jim’s helpful, minute-long videos, during which he answers a question from a Travel Nurse in need of the 411 on a certain topic related to Travel Nursing.

Jim’s video series is an excellent way for busy healthcare professionals to quickly and easily learn a lot about various aspects of being a Travel Nurse. Here’s an example of how you can learn more about Travel Nursing — in a Jimute!

Isn’t he great, folks? Stay tuned, because no matter where you’re at on your journey as a Travel Nurse there’s always more to learn that can help you build the best career possible. And Jimutes are a wonderful resource to help you be informed and successful!

Click here to check out more Jimute videos and to submit your own Travel Nursing question or suggestion for Jim’s future topics.

Adventures in Travel Nursing: Adrienne’s Roundup River Ranch Camp Diary

Roundup RIver RanchTravel Nurse “Dreams Big” at Very Special Summer Camp  

With summer drawing to a close and new Wet Hot American Summer happening on Netflix, it’s totally understandable to be feeling wistful for the good ol’ summer camp experience.Roundup River Ranch Logo

Medical Solutions has had the summer camp bug since this spring, when we learned about Colorado’s Roundup River Ranch — the amazing work they do and the help from nurses they require to do it. We fell in love with this free camp for children suffering from serious diseases and decided to donate $10,000 to support the camp’s efforts and to help them recruit the nurses they needed for a successful summer 2015.

As a result, one lucky, hard-working Medical Solutions Traveler is living the summer camp dream in 2015 at Colorado’s Roundup River Ranch, which was originally the brainchild of actor Paul Newman. Adrienne C., BSN, RN, specializing in ER, has been an important part of the camp’s staff this summer. Her Career Consultant is Danielle A., who worked with the Roundup River Ranch and Medical Solutions teams to make this experience happen for Adrienne.

Who better to explain what an important, amazing experience this can be for nurses than Adrienne herself? Here’s her first dispatch from camp:    

Adrienne’s Roundup River Ranch Camp Diary, Part 1

July 27, 2015

Travel Nurse Adrienne

Adrienne at work. Thanks for sharing your story, Adrienne!

When I first heard about the opportunity to work at Roundup River Ranch I immediately thought of how amazing it would be … for me. A chance to get out of the hospital setting for a time, living it up in the beautiful Colorado summertime, and so on. This initial focus, although accurate, was far from the truth I should have realized. This is about a camp for kids with chronic or serious illnesses wanting to feel like children again and not defined or limited by their disease. My job consists of providing routine medical care, staffing the medical building, and having an active presence as a first responder in the more high risk areas. However it is what my job description doesn’t include that I will treasure most.

Never in my life have I worn so many crazy costumes as a normal part of my day! Even if it is simply a funny hat, if I bring one smile or giggle out of anyone I consider it a success. These campers have had more than their fair share of seriousness, and somber adults are the last thing they want at camp. Some have defied odds most thought were insurmountable, and one would never know by merely looking at them. This is why I cheer, dance, play, and encourage just like their counselors when I’m not needed in my nursing role. They have overcome great obstacles, and I honor that feat by giving every last ounce of energy in whatever form best serves them.

Before campers arrive for the first day there is a session where the medical team presents basic information to all staff about some of the diagnoses to be encountered and how best to support them. This is taken quite seriously, often with notes taken, as sometimes the counselors may notice something before anyone else. The nurse assigned to the cabin will go over each camper with their counselors regarding any specifics that may need to be watched for or considered. This includes procedures that may need to be done and when the best time would be to do them so that they do not miss out on activities. These counselors and all the support staff and volunteers deserve so many accolades for their efforts to make this a successful experience for every single child.

It has been incredible to see how efficiently the medical team operates and how the influence has been integrated. The kitchen staff diligently works to provide safe and delicious meals for everyone. It is adapted to the week so that for kidney week, every single person ate a renal diet. For liver and GI week coming up the entire camp will be gluten free. Every effort is made to normalize any special restrictions, and it is heartwarming to see how relieved some are when they don’t have to worry if something is safe to eat. All the activities around camp have modifications to boost the chances of all campers having the ability to try them. For example, the challenge course has a canvas seat that can hoist a camper to the top of the rock wall so that they can go down the zip line despite being in a wheelchair.

This is such a small glimpse into camp life, but let it be known that I am proud to be here and stand alongside such a phenomenal team. I hope that others have a chance of being a part of something so profound yet simple. This is camp, but for some it is an escape from the confinement of a disease, it is hope for a brighter future, it may even become their happiest memory. It may be all about the campers, but it absolutely makes my heart full to be here with them. And so, for selfish and not-so-selfish reasons I will seek more opportunities like this. There truly is nothing quite like it, and I will miss it once summer comes to an end. As is often said around here though, I’ll continue to dream big.

—    Adrienne C.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Adrienne. Sounds like a pretty unparalleled experience. Medical Solutions is excited about the relationship we’ve built with Roundup River Ranch and we hope to provide more support come summer 2016!

Click here to learn more about Roundup River Ranch.

How NOT To Travel Nursing Videos: Make the Most of Orientation

Medical Solutions How Not to Travel Nursing Videos Logo

Click here to find out how NOT to make the most of orientation!

By now you are probably familiar with our How NOT To Travel Nursing Videos. But if not, they’re a funny bunch of ultra-short videos from the Medical Solutions team that show how Travel Nurses should NOT approach certain elements of the Travel Nursing experience.

We want you to have a laugh, but most importantly to have great success in your career as a Travel Nurse! So, paired with each video showing how NOT to manage parts of your career, such as traveling to an assignment or building a great recruiter relationship, is a handy little article explaining tips for how you actually should act and react in order to prosper as a Traveler.

This month we’re featuring “How NOT to Make the Most of Orientation.”

Travel Nurses arrive at an assignment with the expectation they will be able to hit the ground running in an unfamiliar unit and are often given only a very brief orientation, sometimes as little as 1-2 days. These Travelers are certainly skilled and experienced at their work, but having a whole new landscape to navigate — new colleagues, management, systems, ways of doing things, etc. — can still present an initial learning curve. That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your scant Travel Nurse orientation!

Check out the video below and then click here to read the article on How to Make the Most of Orientation.

You can find all of the How NOT To Travel Nursing Videos here in our Travel Nursing Resources section.

I hope these videos make you giggle and help you navigate your Travel Nursing career! Please feel free to comment sharing any ideas for future How NOT To Travel Nursing video topics.


Adventures in Travel Nursing: A Snowy Boston Winter and the Aggiepalooza That Followed

Traveler Mary Agnes "Aggie" P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

There are tons of reasons to take a Travel Nursing assignment in the beautiful Boston area. The amazing history of the Freedom Trail. The deliciousness of the North End’s many Little Italy eateries. The quaint European streets of Beacon Hill. The roar of the crowd at iconic Fenway Park. And, it turns out, the very wonderful nurses that Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. met while on assignment there.

It’s hard to imagine now, from the poolside vantage point of July’s heat, but Boston’s 2014/2015 winter was a record-breaking doozy with more than 110 inches of snowfall, according to For perspective’s sake, Boston’s average seasonal snowfall is a mere 43 inches, and the city saw much more than that in February 2015 alone.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

You probably saw the unbelievable mounds of snow on the national news, but Mary — who was born and raised in Miami Beach, by the way — was on a Travel Nurse assignment in Boston and got a front-row seat to the whole frosty debacle. Luckily, she had a wonderful team of nurses at her hospital who helped keep her warm throughout winter with their welcoming attitudes and even created an event in her honor when spring finally came.

That event would be known as Aggiepalooza.

“One night in the middle of the worst winter in the history of Massachusetts, I asked the evening shift nurses ‘When can I ride on the swan boats in Boston?’” recalls Mary. “They all laughed and stated that the Charles River had to thaw first! Justine said sometime in May.”

Justine, the charge nurse on the evening shift, who Mary calls “a lovely person,” made it her mission to see that Mary would get her swan boat ride — and then some.

"Can you believe it??" An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary's big day!

“Can you believe it??” An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary’s big day!

“She brainstormed, made reservations, and [created] a sign-up sheet for this all-day event,” says Mary. “She made t-shirts, a bag of party favors, and so on. She is so amazing and a great party planner!”

Originally dubbed “Aggathon” and later renamed Aggiepalooza, the big day was May 6, 2015. A whole group of nurses from the hospital donned their Aggiepalooza t-shirts for an agenda that included the Swan Boats, Duck Tour, lunch, strolling throughout the city, dinner, and a Red Sox game.

Mary, whose Medical Solutions Career Consultant is Jackie S., says that Aggiepalooza made her feel very fortunate.

“Very nice nurses. They spoiled me,” says Mary. “It was a non-stop, awesome day!”

I absolutely love this story, because it shows how Travelers can be so accepted — and in this case, even honored — by the perm staff at their hospitals. And Mary, I’ve got a feeling that you must be a pretty special nurse and person to have inspired Aggiepalooza!

If you, like Mary once was, are itching to ride the Swan Boats and discover all the other sights that make Boston a fantastic location, check out our Massachusetts job opportunities here. You’re bound to have a great time exploring the city and surrounding areas, but of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll inspire your own holiday!

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