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Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

We’d like to say a big thanks and congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners.

Medical Solutions is blessed with the best Travelers and Career Consultants around. We love to celebrate their awesomeness and mutual dedication to facilitating excellent patient care, and these annual awards are just one great way to do that.

Read on to learn more about the amazing, inspiring 2015 winners!

Traveler of the Year

Congrats and kudos to Barbara H., our 2015 Traveler of the Year, who was awarded with a Sonos Play 1 Bluetooth Speaker, a $50 Amazon gift card, and lunch catered in for her and her unit!

Traveler of the Year is chosen annually from the pool of 12 Traveler of the Month winners from throughout the year. Barb was the November 2015 Traveler of the Month — but guess what else? Barb was also our May 2014 Traveler of the Month, and we were able to surprise her with that good news in person. Check it out! (But mind your volume button at you watch — the cheers got pretty loud for Barb!)

Barb is a nursing vet of 33 years with experience in ICU/ER, Home Health, Hospice, and PACU. She began traveling in the late ’80s and says traveling has become so much easier with the increased technology like smartphones, computers, and GPS. Barb travels with her canine companions, Kona and Lucy.

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Barb’s dog Kona is one of her adventuring companions.

“I love the challenge of coming to a new area and hospital and learning their processes,” says Barb. “It keeps my brain young. I want to thank my recruiter Ronnie E. for being my guide through this adventure for the past three years. Traveling is not all roses but if you are up for something different it is fun.”

Barb’s Career Consultant Ronnie E. praises her “phenomenal attitude” and he says it makes her a joy to work with.

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Lucy also loves an adventure!

“Barb always gets great reviews from hospitals and personnel,” he says. “You can just tell by talking with her that she really cares about her job. We have a mutual trust and respect for one another. I LOVE having Barb on the team. She is definitely an MVP in my book.”

For new or aspiring Travel Nurses, Barb shared some fabulous advice with us when she won her first Traveler of the Month award back in 2014:

“Be flexible. Assignments and details can change in a heartbeat; you need to go with the flow and not get stressed. Always be courteous and gracious at an assignment. If three different people say the same thing to you thank each and every one of them. They are not doing it to belittle you they just don’t know what other people have told you. Show confidence in your skill, not arrogance, for that radiates to the staff nurses. Go do things with staff members if asked, a great way to see the area and form a friendship with the staff.”

Thanks for the great advice and dedication to patient care, Barb, and congrats on a well-deserved award!

Services That Inspires Award Winner

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Service That Inspires Award winner, Sara O., more than makes the cut for her patients!

The 2015 Service That Inspires Award winner is Sara O., RN, BSN, OCN. Like Barb, Sara was awarded with a Sonos Play 1 Bluetooth Speaker, a $50 Amazon gift card, and lunch catered in for her and her unit!

Sara is an Oncology nurse, currently on assignment in Idaho, who’s been in nursing for eight years and traveling for about three years. Her Career Consultant Derek F. nominated Sara for the Service That Inspires Award because of her day-to-day commitment to patient care and a very special story from her recent Seattle assignment.

“Sara’s level of patient care is out of this world,” says Derek. “The passion and energy she puts forth comes from a place within that is genuine and truly heartfelt. I’ve been lucky to have worked with her, but she has also turned out to be a great friend. It’s people like her that are positively infectious to work with.”

As for that very special story … we’ll let Sara tell it in her own words:

“I was working in Seattle and had a 20-year-old kid with lymphoma. She always had the best attitude and we instantly bonded. She would bring some of her family members and sometimes her boyfriend and we always had a good time while she was getting her treatments. Well, one day she came in to my clinic and told me she was starting to lose her hair. I told her that she needed to have a shaving party and invite all her family and friends over and shave off her hair. Then I said that if she decided to have a shaving party, I would come and she could shave my head first … so that’s what we did! On the day of the shaving party, we took some before and after pictures and three other people besides myself decided to participate. Her boyfriend, her uncle, and a dear family friend that had shoulder length hair. My patient did the honors, shaving my head first, followed by the rest of the participants. She was last; each person took turns and I did the honors of completing the job. It is a day I will always remember, with a patient I will never forget.”

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Before …

Sara obviously truly cares for her patients, but she also loves the adventure and flexibility afforded to her through her career on Travel Nursing.

“Travel Nursing is a great way to LIVE and not just exist. You explore, experience, love, and learn. One of my favorite things currently is that I get to live close to my grandparents, which is the first time my entire life that has been the case,” she says. “Also, I love working for Medical Solutions … and that isn’t just because I won an award. This company has really changed my life, and as long as I travel, I will never work for another company again.”

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!


Awww, thanks Sara, we’re getting a little misty over here! Medical Solutions is so fortunate to have dedicated Travelers like you on our team.

Congrats again on your well-deserved win and thank you for providing services that inspires.

Also, a big thank you to the many Travelers who were nominated by their Career Consultants for this year’s award. You are doing amazing work and it was very hard to choose just one winner!

Recruiter of the Year Winners

Congrats to our awesome 2015 Recruiter of the Year winners: Brad Bell and Jen Lyman!

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2015 Traveler of the Year, Service That Inspires, and Recruiter of the Year Award Winners!

Congrats, Jen and Brad! You really are recruiter royalty!

These two exemplify what it means to be a Medical Solutions Career Consultant; they are great communicators, always available for their Travelers, and always keep Travelers’ best interests at the forefront of everything they do! Brad and Jen were chosen as the 2015 Recruiters of the Year based upon some really great Traveler nominations.

Here are a few of Brad’s nominations from his Travelers:

“Brad has definitely gone above and beyond my expectations for a recruiter. He shows a genuine concern for making sure I find the right fit for what I’m looking for, sets realistic expectations, and even checks in to make sure things are going well and I’m adjusting to my new assignment. It’s very evident that he takes a lot of pride in what he does and ensures that he advocates for the nurses he works with.”

“Brad is always on your team. He goes above and beyond and makes this a fun and rewarding journey.”

“Brad has always said he considered his nurses family, but this year he really showed it to me. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, Brad did everything he could to help. At one point I thought I would even break my contract early to go home. Brad was completely supportive even if it created difficulties in his job. I was able to finish the contract, and Brad helped get me a contract a couple hours from home. He regularly checks in on me and my family during dad’s treatments. He’s the best!”

Click here to learn more about Brad.

Here are a few of Jen’s nominations from her Travelers:

“Jen is honest about what to expect and listens to what I want in an assignment. She never tries to push you onto something you’re not interested in. She always gets back to me quickly and is always very helpful if I ever have any questions. I love having her as a recruiter and would recommend her to anyone!”

“Jen has become more than just my recruiter — she is also my friend. She only presents jobs that she knows will fit my needs and interests. She is always ready to answer questions, solve problems, or just let me vent. While I am on assignment she checks on me frequently — I never feel alone. Jen is the reason I stay with Medical Solutions. She has made each travel experience the best it can be.”

“I just love Jen! She really takes care of her nurses and ensures that when you have questions they’re answered promptly any time of the day. She communicates clearly and considerately, and there’s just something about her that’s intrinsically honest —and that’s hard to find in this industry. I never have to second guess anything she tells me and that’s invaluable. I also like that she works to get me competitive rates because while rapport is good, competitive compensation is imperative to a great, long term relationship.”

Click here to learn more about Jen.

Congrats again to Brad and Jen for winning this year’s Recruiter of the Year Awards!  We received TONS of great nominations for so many of our Career Consultants, so we also want to recognize that each of them is amazing at what they do.

If you’re a Traveler and you’ve yet to find your perfect Career Consultant match, click here to get to know our team members!


Travel Nurse Referral Bonus — In a Jimute

It’s time for another installment of Medical Solutions’ In a Jimute video series! This series helps aspiring and veteran Travelers alike learn more about Travel Nursing — in a Jimute.

The latest installment offers information on how you can get a $500 Travel Nurse referral bonus — in a Jimute!

Take it away, Jim!

That’s a pretty easy way to earn $500! Jim’s absolutely correct: At Medical Solutions we have such great Travelers that to us there is no higher praise than a referral from one of them. For every person you refer who accepts a position with Medical Solutions and works at least 30 days with us, you get your choice of $500 cash, a $500 Amazon gift card, or a $500 Apple gift card.

Click here to learn more and to refer as many people as you want — then sit back, wait, and watch those $500 bonuses roll in!

Do you have a burning Travel Nursing question for Jim to answer in roughly 60 seconds? Simply click here to submit your very own Travel Nursing question for Jim — and be sure to check out the other In a Jimute videos while you’re there!


Congrats to November 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to November 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Traveler of the Month, Barb H., loves the beautiful scenery she gets to see while on assignment.

Cheers and congrats to the November 2015 Traveler of the Month, Barbara H., and also our Rising Star winner, Gina C.!

Traveler of the Month Barbara H. has been an RN for 33 years and this is not her first Traveler of the Month rodeo! Barb was also awarded Traveler of the Month in May 2014, when we even got to surprise her in person with news of her win! (Click here for video of the surprise and to learn more about Barb’s first win.)

Barb travels with the help of her trusty Career Consultant, Ronnie E., whom she thanks for “being my guide through this adventure for the past three years.”

Congrats to November 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

More beautiful scenes from Barb’s travels!

“I am so honored to have received this award for the second time,” says Barb. “I love traveling. The places I have been and the people I have met have enriched my life.”

Barb is currently on assignment in Omaha and says she has yet again met an amazing group of people, though her favorite assignment so far was in South Dakota.

“I spent a year there. The area is beautiful and so much to explore and see. The PACU/Preop team were the best,” says Barb.

Barb continues to travel with her “two fur babies” Kona, a 12-and-a-half-year-old lab, and Lucy, a lab mix who provide great company on the road.

“I am always amazed how well they adjust,” says Barb.

(For another very special announcement about Barb, click here.)

Rising Star Gina is a Certified Surgical Technologist of 21 years who is currently in Louisiana on her second travel assignment. She works with Career Consultant Todd L. Gina’s current assignment is her favorite yet and she’s enjoyed being exposed to a culture there that’s entirely different from what she’s accustomed to.

Congrats to November 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to November Rising Star, Gina C.!

Being a Traveler takes flexibility and inner strength, and Gina’s got those qualities in spades. About five years ago, she suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed and unable to speak.

“In time I recovered with little residual effects,” says Gina. “I’m grateful for what it taught me about my own strength.”

She says she’s also learned a great deal from Travel Nursing.

“Traveling has opened my eyes to different ways of doing things on many levels,” says Gina. “It has also provided the opportunity to see things I never would have being in a permanent position.”

Gina’s advice for new Travelers is to stay focused and maintain a good attitude.

“As a new Traveler it’s important to stay positive, work hard, and not concern yourself with what others are doing,” says Gina.

She also shares some wise words from Harry Potter author JK Rowling: “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

Again, congrats to the November 2015 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star — and thank you so much, Barbara and Gina, for your tremendous talents and hard work, as well as your dedication to delivering the best patient care!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect evaluation from their hospital are in the running for the two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to new Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see how you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card and, of course, major bragging rights!


Medical Solutions 2015 Year in Review

Medical Solutions 2015 Year in Review

Thanks for a great 2015!

Deflate-gate, Caitlyn Jenner, Adele, Star Wars … these are just a few of the things that stand out when looking back on 2015. In the spirit of the year that was, here’s a quick Medical Solutions 2015 year in review rundown!

Medical Solutions Gives

Because we’re so consistently inspired by everything our nurses give to those in need, we worked to expand our Medical Solutions Gives efforts throughout 2015. On a local level, our internal team continued to volunteer time to causes they care about and participate in donation drives that helped those in need.

On a national level we once again partnered with Planet Water to bring clean, safe drinking water to villages in need. We also branched out to support Nurses House in honor of Nurses Week and forged an excellent partnership with Roundup River Ranch which we will grow in 2016, offering several very special assignments for Travel Nurses and much-needed help for the camp’s attendees — children suffering from serious diseases.

Medical Solutions capped off 2015 giving with a “Say Thanks By Giving” campaign to surprise four Travelers with a donation to the cause they care most about. After hearing about dozens of worthy causes, we donated $8,000 across four Traveler-submitted charities and also gave each of those who submitted a chosen charity a $50 Amazon gift card. (Click here to read more about the awesome Travelers and charities!)

We are committed to putting even more energy into Medical Solutions Gives in 2016, and we thank all the Travelers out there for providing us with such amazing inspiration for helping others and making the world a better place!

Nurses Week

Nurses Week 2015 was celebrated in May with a “Real Nurses of Nurses Week” Instagram feed, eCards, a special donation made to Nurses House in honor of Medical Solutions Travelers, prizes, and the Fourth Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship contest. We’re currently hard at work scheming on Nurses Week 2016 festivities and we look forward to seeing you in May at!

Traveler Survey Results

Four times throughout each year, we send Travelers a survey so that they can give feedback on their experience with Medical Solutions. Traveler feedback is absolutely crucial to helping improve YOUR experience, so we really appreciate all those who shared their valuable opinions!

Once again in 2015, Travelers sang the praises of their Career Consultants who were widely credited with facilitating great communication. We believe a solid, trusting relationship with your recruiter is essential to your career’s success and we’re glad so many of you have found that with Medical Solutions! We’ll continue to do quarterly Traveler surveys in 2016 — and we can’t wait to hear from you. Your feedback truly makes us better able to serve you!

Travel Nurses Day

October 9, 2015 marked the third annual Travel Nurses Day. Medical Solutions created Travel Nurses Day in 2013 as another way to recognize and honor all of the hardworking Travelers out there! In 2015, we celebrated with the Signs You’re a Travel Nurse photo contest, travel libs, photo finds, quizzes and more — which resulted in 24 lucky winners nabbing great prizes like Fitbits, $500 cash, and gift cards to Traveler’s Haven, Tafford Uniforms, Zappos, and Amazon. We look forward to celebrating again with you in 2016 at!

New Benefits

By popular Traveler demand, in 2015 Medical Solutions added two new voluntary benefits for Travelers: Short-Term Disability Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance. Click here to learn more about these new voluntary benefits, which we hope will provide Travelers with invaluable peace of mind!

Brownie Pops

As 2015 wound down, adorable and tasty brownie pops were delivered to Travelers over the holidays. We hope you found these sweet treats to be as wonderful as we think you are.

Phew! 2015 was quite a year. Thanks so much for continuing to grow alongside Medical Solutions throughout the year that was. We look forward to serving you in 2016 and beyond!


Game Day Eats Pinterest Contest!

Game Day Eats Pinterest Contest!

Nom Nom Nom: We want YOU to enter the Game Day Eats Pinterest Contest!

You know what’s on my mind with the NFL season delivering high drama this month ahead of the February 7, 2016 Super Bowl? All the delicious game day eats!

Whether you’re in it for the whole season or just the Super Bowl, and whether you’re into the Super Bowl for the sport, commercials, or Coldplay at the half, one thing we can all identify with is the food. Hey, a fan’s gotta eat!

That’s why Medical Solutions wants you to share your fave football party fare in our Game Day Eats Pinterest Contest.

Huddle up, team! Here’s the drill:

  • Create a Game Day Eats board on Pinterest and pin all of your favorite game day eats to the board. You know: sliders, ribs, your famous chili, dips galore, wings, and whatever other tasty things trip your trigger!
  • Comment here on the contest pin with the URL to your Game Day Eats board to enter.
  • A panel of hungry Medical Solutions judges will choose the three yummiest looking boards and the three victors will each win a $50 gift card to Sur La Table AND a sweatshirt with their favorite team on it!
  • You can enter any time now through February 4, 2016, at midnight CST.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest to find out who wins.
Ready, set, gather up your greatest gridiron grub and enter to win now!

Nominate YOUR Career Consultant for 2015 Recruiter of the Year!

Nominate YOUR Career Consultant for 2015 Recruiter of the Year!

Does your Career Consultant make you happy enough to do cartwheels? Then click here to nominate YOUR Career Consultant for 2015 Recruiter of the Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, candy canes, Star Wars, and of course — time to nominate YOUR Career Consultant for 2015 Recruiter of the Year!

In 2014, after Healthcare Traveler magazine stopped doing its annual Traveler and Recruiter of the Year awards, Medical Solutions decided to keep the fun and recognition rolling. (Learn more about last year’s winners here.)

Once again, we’ll honor two Travelers and two Career Consultants who went above and beyond in 2015 — and we need your help to make it happen!

Is YOUR Career Consultant the best in the biz? Is he or she the perfect matchmaker of jobs, always quick to answer your call, and always got your back?

If you love your Career Consultant so much you feel like shouting it from the rooftops, be sure to nominate him or her for Recruiter of the Year. It just takes a minute to nominate someone and it’s a great way to make sure your awesome partner in Travel Nursing gets the recognition that he or she deserves.

You should definitely feel free to shout it from the rooftops, too, but in order for your vote to count, please also click here to nominate YOUR Career Consultant for Recruiter of the Year!


Travel Nursing Job Search — In a Jimute

By now you probably know about our In a Jimute video series, which helps busy Travelers and aspiring Travelers learn more about Travel Nursing — in a Jimute.

The latest installment offers tips on how to do your own Travel Nursing Job Search — in a Jimute! Here’s Jim with some quick, helpful information on that.

Great points, Jim!

Even when you’re working with a great recruiter it can be nice to be able to search jobs on your own as well, just to explore and get an idea of what’s out there. The Medical Solutions’ job search truly is an excellent tool for Travelers looking for their next gig, as well as those just looking into traveling for the first time. You can customize your search by title, specialty, and/or location — which really helps you drill down and be able to see only the jobs that might be a good fit for you!

However, as Jim also advised, if you see a job you are interested in or would like to know more about, you should contact your recruiter right away; because in Travel Nursing, posted jobs can be filled very quickly and become unavailable to you. Another benefit to working closely with your recruiter is that they can often let you know about jobs that match your criteria right away so you can pounce on the best assignments for you!

On a related point, this is why it’s so important for you to be in close communication with your recruiter and to make sure that he or she has a really clear idea of what you’re looking for in an assignment and location. The more specific info you provide them, the better they can perform when it comes to recommending jobs and helping you strike while the iron’s hot!

If you have a query for Jim, click here to submit your very own Travel Nursing question — and be sure to check out the other In a Jimute videos while you’re there!


Congrats to October 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Medical Solutions Travel Nurses Kevin and Maria

Cheers to you, Maria and Kevin, our first ever husband and wife duo to both win Traveler of the Month!

Cheers and congrats to the October 2015 Traveler of the Month, Maria L., and also our Rising Star winner, Erin B.!

Traveler of the Month Maria, RN, CCRN, has 20-plus years’ experience in nursing, has been traveling for 10 years, and just completed her latest assignment in the gorgeous South Bay area of California. Stephanie B. is her Career Consultant, and here’s one among many neat things about Maria: Her husband Kevin, an OR RN, won Traveler of the Month for February 2015!

So, basically, Maria and Kevin are a seriously awesome roving RN duo who provide excellent patient care wherever they go. Sounds like a couple of superheroes to me!

Traveler Maria L

October 2015 Traveler of the Month Maria loves the flexibility of Travel Nursing and how it gives her the chance to travel.

When we caught up with Kevin in February he said they enjoy the freedom of Travel Nursing and how it allows them the chance to take time off when they want. Well, the proof’s in the pudding, because when we reached out to Maria regarding her October win, the pair was on a fabulous anniversary cruise in Southeast Asia.

“It is so great to travel with my best buddy,” says Maria. “It feels like a second honeymoon!”

Maria says she’s “never had a dull assignment,” but she particularly enjoyed Orlando and Washington DC areas because there were “lots of things to see and do.”

“Travel Nursing affords us a new playground with each new assignment,” says Maria. “New friends and life experiences to be made with each stop!”

When she went to school to become a chemist, Maria did not originally plan to become a nurse. But, she really fell hard for nursing.

“I absolutely love being a nurse and am passionate about my ICU practice,” she says.

In addition to a shared love of Travel Nursing, Maria says she and Kevin enjoy cooking, traveling, and family — and, they’re anxiously awaiting the birth of their 10th grandchild!

Maria’s tips for success in Travel Nursing?

“My husband and I give 110% of our very best to each facility to which we work; never the ‘I’ll be outta here in 13 weeks’ attitude,” she says. “We make it a point never to say, ‘Well, we did it this way the last place I worked,’ because it somewhat diminishes the current facility’s policy and procedure/protocol. Welcome the new hospital’s nuances — do not outwardly verbalize your negative opinions. Make yourself approachable. Do accept invitations to co-workers’ invitations to good, clean fun.”

Medical Solutions' October Rising Star, Erin, spreads her wings while on assignment!

Medical Solutions’ October Rising Star, Erin, spreads her wings while on assignment!

Rising Star Erin, RN, BSN is an ER nurse currently on assignment in gorgeous Seattle, Washington. She’s been in nursing for two and a half years, has been traveling about five months, and her Career Consultant is Erin F.

Erin is having a ball in Seattle, by the way!

“I love the abundance of live music, the variety of food, and the access to the trails and the outdoors all while being close to the city center,” she says. “The city has its own zany personality and is very dog friendly!”

Speaking of pups, Erin travels with one fur baby, a malti-poo named Chopsticks — a rescue pup she’s had for two years. Erin is an all-around animal lover. She used to ride horses regularly and even owned her own quarter horse named Mocha when she lived in Arizona.

Erin's pup Chopsticks also loves a good adventure!

Erin’s pup Chopsticks also loves a good adventure!

“Travel Nursing has been such a cool adventure,” says Erin. “I like meeting new people and I enjoy the challenge of learning a new flow and getting out of my comfort zone. Traveling forces you to be confident in your skill set and keeps you flexible enough to learn a new way of doing things from others.”

Erin’s tips for how to succeed as a new Travel Nurse?

“Talk to everyone,” she advises. “Most everyone is very accepting of Travelers and wants to help you out and get to know you. Plus, locals know all about the best places to hike, the best dives in town, and the most interesting non-touristy places to visit.”

“My second piece of advice is to ask for what you want, both with the recruiter and the places you will be working. My recruiter (shout out to Erin!) is excellent about always asking what I want and trying to place me in hospitals where she believes I will be happy. The more I tell her, the easier time she has placing me, which results in a better traveling experience over all.”

Congratulations again the October 2015 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star — and thank you so much, Maria and Erin, for all of your hard work and dedication to delivering the best patient care!

Could you be next month’s Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect evaluation from their hospital are in the running for these two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see how you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card and, of course, big-time bragging rights!


Medical Solutions is Giving Away $8,000!

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Last month Medical Solutions asked you to tell us the cause you care most about and why, so we could say THANKS for all your hard work by GIVING to some of your favorite organizations. Now, we are pleased to announce that Medical Solutions will donate a total of $8,000 to four of the causes you submitted!

Each of the nearly 100 causes submitted and the reasoning behind them were inspiring and meaningful — we really wish we could support all of them!

There were definitely trends in terms of the issues addressed by the causes you care most about, and we saw a lot of support for veterans, animals, pediatric cancer, and, of course, healthcare for those most in need.

In the end, our panel of judges chose four organizations benefitting those areas — each of which will receive a $2,000 donation from Medical Solutions in the name of the Traveler who submitted them! Oh, and those four Travelers will also each receive a $50 Amazon gift card to reward them for their kind, giving nature and for bringing these awesome causes to our attention.

Read on to learn about the causes, the people who submitted them, and why these organizations matter to them and so many others!

RAM logoLeigha C., whose Career Consultant is Travis P., submitted Remote Area Medical, an organization that brings medical, dental, and vision care to those in need in poverty stricken areas. She says RAM brings exceptional medical care to the uninsured and underinsured. And she knows firsthand!

“[RAM] sets up in public buildings such as schools in poverty stricken areas to offer dental, medical, and vision assessments to those who cannot afford it otherwise,” wrote Leigha in her submission. “I have volunteered in these clinics, and to see the number of individuals that line up hours before it opens is very eye-opening. RAM is an amazing organization and they offer something here in the states for people who otherwise would not be able to get medical attention.”

Cattaraugus County SPCAJennifer G., whose Career Consultant is Craig K., submitted Cattaraugus County SPCA (CCSPCA), a no-kill animal shelter. She described this as a poor, rural area, leading to the abandonment of many animals. The CCSPCA runs on a shoestring budget and is currently trying to “raise the woof” by collecting enough donations to repair their building’s roof.       

“They take in everything and adopt out everything they can,” wrote Jennifer in her submission. “The animals are treated with love and respect thanks to the fantastic volunteer cohort there. They survive on good will and donations. Right now they are desperately seeking donations for a badly needed new roof. I would love to see them get some extra cash in order to fix their building. They deserve it big time, and because Medical Solutions is so pet friendly, it would be highly appropriate.”

Cure Starts Now Logo-002Erica P., whose Career Consultant is Jessica S., submitted The Cure Starts Now Foundation, an organization fighting to help cure pediatric brain cancer. Erica shared the poignant story of Madelyn, a spunky 8-year-old she knows who was diagnosed with DIPG, a brainstem tumor with a low survival rate, in January 2015.

“The Cure Starts Now Foundation is dedicated to raising money for research in treating pediatric tumors,” wrote Erica in her submission. “For me, hope is essential to life. I cannot, in my right mind, imagine having to tell a child that all hope is lost. I cannot, as a medical professional, imagine telling a child’s parents, through tears, that all hope is lost. We need to do better. These children, these families … they deserve hope, even just a glimmer. The Cure Starts Now Foundation is using money with that very intention and I hope that Medical Solutions would support that intention as well.

WARRIOR_HOCKEY_LOGO_black_background_smallGabriel T., whose Career Consultant is Curt H., submitted Minnesota Warriors Ice Hockey, an organization that bolsters wounded veterans.

“The MN Warriors are very important to me,” wrote Gabriel in his submission. “Starting out with five players, including myself, in 2009 the roster has now expanded to nearly 60, with many more choosing to come to practice time only, rather than set games. The organization is designed to help veterans transition back to civilian life and experience the camaraderie that so many of us miss from our military service. The MN Warriors aim to heal the soul through one of Minnesota’s greatest traditions, hockey. Though they have many players from the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the roster includes men and women from 23 to nearly 70 years old, ranging in skill level from Junior A hockey, to fresh, new beginners who have never laced up skates. Many players join after a decade off the ice, and find a renewed love for the sport. All players are wounded or otherwise disabled through their military service. Players find confidence, friendship, and a sense of belonging that so many veterans lack. The organization means different things to each player. More than anything, the Minnesota Warriors represent home. They are the primary reason that I know I will return to Minnesota when my traveling days are up. The Warriors are dependent entirely on donations — they pay for player’s gear, except stick and skates, if they do not have it. They provide tournament entrance fees, league entrance fees, and even buses during games that require travel to outstate MN. They also provide ice time, which in hockey-crazy Minnesota goes for $200-$250 an hour in the winter. I ask you to contribute to Minnesota Warriors Ice Hockey because I know firsthand that it makes a difference in veteran’s lives. It introduces new friends and provides a support structure where, for some players, there was none before. It’s part of the veteran’s community. It’s more than hockey, it’s home.”

Thanks so much to ALL of you who shared the cause you care most about with us! We hope that the $8,000 donated across these four worthy organizations will help make a positive difference in the world — just like our Travelers do each day on the job.
To learn about more of the organizations the Medical Solutions Gives team has supported, click here.

Joint Commission 2016 National Patient Safety Goals

Joint Commission 2016 National Patient Safety Goals

‘Tis the Season: The Joint Commission 2016 National Patient Safety Goals are here!

By Chris Vinton, Medical Solutions Quality Assurance Specialist

The end of the year is my favorite time of all, and it isn’t because of the pumpkin spice lattes, hearing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” a thousand times, or hanging out with family. It’s because this is the special time of year when The Joint Commission 2016 National Patient Safety Goals are released!

Why should you care about The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals? I’m glad you asked!

The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that works with healthcare facilities throughout the United States to continually improve healthcare and patient safety. Many hospitals, clinics, and staffing companies (including Medical Solutions) strive to maintain their Joint Commission accreditation — and it is no small feat due to the tough standards The Joint Commission sets for hospitals, clinics, and staffing. But these strong standards are a good thing and they mean that every company with The Joint Commission’s stamp of approval is doing their absolute best.

As we share their commitment to quality patient care, Medical Solutions is proud to have been one of the very first healthcare staffing agencies in the nation to be awarded The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Services Gold Seal of Approval — and, we’ve been continuously certified since!

The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals are divided into several categories, depending on the facility or clinic, and highlight general problem areas throughout the healthcare field, offering professional, easy-to-implement solutions.

Categories include:

  • Ambulatory Health Care
  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Critical Access Hospital
  • Home Care
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory Services
  • Long Term Care (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Nursing Care Center
  • Office-Based Surgery

Each category can be read as a full PDF chapter, going in depth about the rationale behind the new goals or more bits of detail about the goal. The “easy-to-read” version is a very basic outline of what the goals are, with each of them listed in a bullet point fashion then a small description is given.

Get in the Holiday spirit this season and check out the “easy-to-read” version of the goals. It’s a very useful guide and takes less than a minute to read. If you want to know the reasons why behind each of the goals, you can read the full chapter. Most chapters are only 10-20 pages and will probably take about 20 minutes to read.

Click here to check out the Joint Commission 2016 National Patient Safety Goals.

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